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May 20, 2021 1 min read



Explore the birthplace of "Soft Gold"

Not all cashmere is create equal. Well-intentioned, well-meaning, well-made cashmere from the birthplace of cashmere, Pamir Mountains, where only a select number of cashmere goats are raised. Compared to Inner Mongolia, the Pamir Mountains of China, where we source our cashmere, herders take pride and can practice their long-time traditional methods of raising goats. A better quality of life for the goats produces a superior quality of hair, and a cashmere made with kindness and care from the start.

The birthplace of cashmere.
A touch so pure. A feel so soft.
Discover cashmere as if it’s the first time.

Ultimate luxe of white cashmere

The undercoat of baby cashmere goats who are 6-8 months-old always naturally shed, which means we are kind to our cute goats without any of the combing process in the summer. The naturally white cashmere from baby goats is the ultimate luxe cashmere in the world. 

In addition to having the best dimension and length, our cashmere fibers ensure the ultra softness and comfort, we omit a damaging step from the coloring process that most other dyed cashmere must endure.​


The ultimate in luxe and sustainable fashion, our premium white cashmere is the must-have fabric of the season.  Ethically sourced and produced, all of our premium white cashmere sweaters feature a luxuriously soft knit and a timeless appeal.

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