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May 21, 2021 1 min read

"Sustainability and transparency has become of utmost importance to me."

We were fortunate to work with @MsKerih. Here is more on her belief in sustainable fashion.
" As I got older and subsequently more keen on what I put my money towards, I found myself drifting away from fast fashion. I have become much more aware of my role as a consumer and I wanted to take action. Thus, I have replaced trips to the mall with trips to my local thrift store. I have also started doing more background research into the brands I give up my hard-earned dollars too."

Style Trends

I’ve been loving it styled semi-off-shoulder. It looks chic when you are playing around with a timeless piece.  Also, paired with the matching tank. Cardigans are amazing to style because they’re so easy to layer over top of almost anything. I find this one is great for work as well!



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