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May 21, 2021 3 min read

With the changing of seasons comes the opportunity to amp up your wardrobe with new styles, patterns, and hues. The summer to fall transition is a big one – calling for an entirely new color palette and new silhouettes that are designed to keep you cozy and stylish as you roll through the season and into winter.

 When it comes to autumnal style, we often fall into the trap of trying to hold onto the summer, wearing colors and styles that are not best suited for the season. Don’t be afraid to take a step forward into the new season, and take your wardrobe along for the ride with you. And one of the easiest ways to update your look? A color refresh.

 To help you get ready for fall, here are our five favorite color trends for autumn that are totally on our radar – and should definitely be on yours. You can thank us later.

Blush Pink

We’ll admit it – we’re totally obsessed with this super neutral hue. This color is perfect for all types of skintones and perfectly captures that super golden hour light that’s absolutely perfect during the fall.

Looking for the perfect way to add a little rose color to your outfit? Opt for a modern classic sweater with bold detailing and a luxe feel.

If you really want to amp up your day-to-day look, add a pair of soft pink blush trousers. Look for a wide leg design that you can easily tuck a sweater into. 

Knock your look up a few style notches with the perfect coordinating blush pink accessory. Grab a handbag with a modern, geometric design and you’re totally set.

Finish off your look in the utmost of style with a sleek pair of blush pink boots. We love a sleek sock style with edgy detailing to really take it to a whole new level.



Next up on our list of fall must-haves is the earthy, rustic caramel. This hue perfectly captures the enrapturing color changes of autumn leaves as well as hot apple cider and can easily elevate any look.

Nothing really takes your professional or casual look to a new level of fashion quite like a pair of satin-finish peg-leg trousers in a rich creamy caramel color.

If skirts are more your thing than trousers, try adding a wrap front midi for a sleek and modern appearance that will look absolutely amazing all season long. 



The 70’s called – they want you to totally add this color to your autumn wardrobe. This bold rendition of the not-so-classic yellow is perfect for adding a little vibrant color to your fall looks.

Add some rich yellows to your winter wardrobe with a classic sweater – W. Cashmere sweaters are highly adaptable and can easily be worn with anything in your closet.

A sunny yellow blazer is one of the perfect ways to add a touch of bright, happy color to your fall and winter looks this year.

Add the perfect finishing touch to any look with a sleek little yellow clutch bag – this adds a quick pop of color that will look absolutely amazing with any outfit.



Just like the color of our favorite selection of wines, red is one of our must-haves for the autumn season. Whether opting for rich Bordeaux or bright cherry, red is always a brilliant choice for this season.  This bold color is perfect for carrying your wardrobe from fall to winter, instantly adding a stylish finish to any look.

Try adding a chic tote to your look with a bold logo for a quick pop of bright cherry red.

Or, totally step up your game with a pair of bold and vibrant ankle boots in a classic cherry hue for a stylish finish.



One of our favorite color palettes for the autumn season is a combination of gorgeous, velvety ecru shades. Whether you wear them as a monochromatic look or adding a touch of ecru to your outfit, this color is the perfect way to add a touch of upscale style that’s perfect for any urban or suburban environment.

Add a dash of this coveted color to your everyday or professional look with an unexpected half-sleeve cashmere sweater.

Top off your look with a totally gorgeous ecru full-length coat.  This is especially perfect if you’re living somewhere cold – you can bundle up in exceptional style!